Calibrachoa Assorted Unrooted Cuttings

Calibrachoa Assorted - Unrooted Cuttings

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We offer assortment liners of Calibrachoa for those who like a little variety in their life. You will receive thirty-five plugs each of three varieties. These are great for growers who are just getting started.These 105 plug flats contain three varieties of our choice. We also offer Calibrachoa in URC (unrooted cuttings).
Grow for at least 10 weeks in bright light and pinch as needed to keep plants well-branched. 60 degree night temps yield the best growth but some growers who start in the fall could allow cooler nights during the coldest months. Plants may defoliate in the winter. Do not allow them to dry out between watering. Maintain a pH of 5-6. Plant 3 plugs per 10in basket.

Unrooted Cuttings

Cuttings vary in size between different plant families, but most can be described as tip cuttings (ivy are leaf-and-eye stem cuttings not tips) that stick nicely in small plug trays such as the 105-plug tray we use (some varieties are better suited for a 50 cell tray, i.e. Angelwing Begonia, Bougainvillea, Setcrecea, etc.). Please do not order unrooted cuttings unless you are an experienced propagator with mist systems and proper temperature control.
Calibrachoa Assorted Quick Reference Guide
4" crop time11WK
10" crop time15WK
Minimum Temp60


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05-01-2017 (Week 18)4,793
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08-07-2017 (Week 32)4,368
08-14-2017 (Week 33)4,468
08-21-2017 (Week 34)4,251
08-28-2017 (Week 35)4,251
09-04-2017 (Week 36)4,251
09-11-2017 (Week 37)4,351