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Product CodeSP800MP
Sold in cases of 240
Price per case: $93.60
Cost Per Item: $0.390
When ordering 6 or more
Price Per Case: $83.20
Cost Per Item: $0.347

North Carolina Farms, Inc.
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With sturdy rims and shoulders for quick de-nesting and dispensing, not to mention extra strength and stability, East Jordan has designed their SHUTTLE POT® brand flower pots to move more plants, more quickly.
Their co-extruded pots feature a dark inner layer that prevents light from harming delicate roots. Their dual-level drain holes and footed bottom design facilitate better drainage and a smooth, seamless finish facilitates easy plant removal. While outside, a boldly colored exterior adapts easily to both printing (round pots only) and labeling for that extra edge that can create fly-off-the-shelf sales appeal.
EIGHT INCH MUM PAN Quick Reference Guide
Cubic Inches183.7 cu in
US3.18 qt
Metric3.01 liters

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