Coreopsis Highland Blast Rooted Cutting Liner

Coreopsis Highland Blast - Rooted Cutting Liner

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Coreopsis (Tickseed, Pot of Gold) are native to North, Central, and South America. This landscaping plant has a compact mounding habit and evergreen foliage with blooms that look similar to daisies. Your customers may like the fact that while coreopsis attract butterflies, they are deer and rabbit resistant and easy to care for.

Growing Tips

For best results with Coreopsis, use a well-drained soil with a rate of 150-200 ppm Nitrogen with each irrigation and adjust rates as needed. Leach with clear water to avoid fertilizer salt buildup. Keep moist, but not over watered, to prevent root damage. Maintain a pH between 5.8 - 6.2.


We recommend that you pinch Highland Blast once, about 10 days after transplanting to your final container (to allow roots time to establish). Deadhead blooms for better production.


Coreopsis should be spaced adequately to allow airflow and light penetration between the foliage.

Height Control

Coreopsis generally do not need chemical growth regulators under cool-to-moderate temperatures.


Aphids are the primary problem pests with Coreopsis.


Highland Blast can develop powdery mildew under cool, wet conditions. Prevention is fairly straightforward: water plants early in the day to allow them to dry out before nightfall and provide sufficient spacing to allow for airflow between plants. (We have found horizontal airflow fans to be very effective at preventing fungus outbreaks.) Sprays of Strike, Systhane (Eagle), Pipron, Terraguard, Heritage, and others are effective in controlling powdery mildew outbreaks.

Watch for botrytis while the days are short. This grey rot is usually associated with wet or humid conditions. You can prevent botrytis by allowing the plant to dry out between waterings, allowing for good airflow in your greenhouse, and spacing to allow the sun to penetrate to the soil level. The most common chemicals used to treat botrytis are Medallion and Banrot. Use them as a drench according to each label’s instructions.

Planting Highland Blast Liners

  1. We recommend planting 1 starter plants per 4 inch pot. Use a well-drained soil and plant your starter plants deep, allowing the ellepot to be completely covered by the soil. Plant the liner directly in the middle of your pot.
  2. One pinch 5-10 days after transplanting to your final container should be sufficient. Deadhead blooms for better production.

Rooted Cuttings

Cuttings vary in size between different plant families. These rooted starter plants will arrive ready to be transplanted in to your final container. If they are to be used in a landscape application, you will need to establish them in a 4 inch pot or an 1801 before planting outside.
Coreopsis Highland Blast Quick Reference Guide
4" crop time5-7 Weeks
Bloom PeriodSpring, Summer, Fall
HeightUp to 18
LightFull Sun
Minimum Temp55-65
Perennial ZoneReported 4-9
Water NeedsModerate
Patented PlantYes

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