Coleus Mariposa Rooted Cutting Liner

Coleus Mariposa - Rooted Cutting Liner

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Great landscape-type coleus are wonderful in both full sun and shade locations. Will grow approximately knee-high. These plants are excellent for combination baskets or landscapes. They mix well with Verbena Calibrachoa and Bacopa since all of these varieties have similar cultural needs. We offer a wide variety of Coleus. These are also offered as unrooted cuttings.
All of our varieties love full sun except as noted in our catalog. All are vigorous pinch as needed to control stretch. Plant 4 plugs per 10in basket and 1 plug per 4in pot pinch once. Downy mildew symptoms are a tiny gray fuzz on back of leaves that cause leaf damage and lower leaves to fall inspect often.

Rooted Cuttings

Cuttings vary in size between different plant families. These rooted starter plants will arrive ready to be transplanted in to your final container. If they are to be used in a landscape application, you will need to establish them in a 4 inch pot or an 1801 before planting outside.
Coleus Mariposa Quick Reference Guide
4" crop time4WK
10" crop time8WK
Minimum Temp50

Tray Size

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