Christmas Cactus Red Rooted Cutting Liner

Christmas Cactus Red - Rooted Cutting Liner

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Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) are a popular fall and winter flowing house plant. They make wonder hanging baskets or smaller 4-6 pots and a great addition to your fall and winter sales. Available for delivery May thru July, Christmas Cactus will give an extra product to have on hand if you are open this winter.
To bloom Christmas Cactus naturally by the holiday season--Thanksgiving to Christmas--the best time to start is mid-summer. Unlike other cactus, do not let Christmas Cactus dry out between waterings. This is even more important when it sets buds and blooms.

The Christmas Cactus does not like heat, however it thrives in a humid atmosphere. It should not be placed in a spot where the temperature constantly changes, such as by doors that open and close, air vents, or heaters. If you must fertilize, then it is best to do so when the cactus is not blooming. The ideal time to fertilize is between the months of April and September.

We recommend 1 plug (2 cuttings) per 3in-4in pot; 2-3 plugs (4-6 cuttings) per 4in-6in pot; and 4-5 plugs (8-10 cuttings) per 6in-8in basket. For larger baskets, use our 2 1/2 inch year-old stock at 3 plants per pot for 10in baskets, or use your leftover 4 inch pots from the previous year. Grow Christmas Cactus shaded for summer. Use a well-drained, sterile media. Watch for root rot diseases.Pinching back in summer if plants grow too tall will help produce branching and more flowers at finish.

For more information, take a look at this article from the Clemson Cooperative Extension (opens in a new window).

Rooted Cuttings

Cuttings vary in size between different plant families. These rooted starter plants will arrive ready to be transplanted in to your final container. If they are to be used in a landscape application, you will need to establish them in a 4 inch pot or an 1801 before planting outside.
Christmas Cactus Red Quick Reference Guide
4" crop time6MOS
10" crop time9MOS FROM 4in
Minimum Temp60

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