Wholesale Christmas Cactus Rooted Plug Liners

Our Christmas Cactus starter plants come rooted with two plants per cell and at least two pads per plant. To bloom them naturally by the holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas), the best time to start is early-summer. Available for delivery May thru July, these Christmas Cactus are a choice product to have on hand if you are open in the winter.

Non-Patented Varieties

These starter plant liners are the best royalty-free varieties we've collected over the years. Typically they are less expensive because no royalties have to be paid, and you are not required to buy tags. You do not need permission to propagate these plants.

Patented Varieties

The rights to these patented starter plant liners are owned by the breeder. Growers are not allowed to propagate these plants without a contract. While some of these plant varieties are superior in their growth habit and color, they all have royalty fees (already included in our list price) and most require the additional expense of tags.