Ordering Organic with North Carolina Farms

October 19, 2021
Category: About Us

Offering organic products has been a goal of ours for a long time. So we are thrilled to introduce organic herbs to our line this year. Organic products are better for the environment and safer for the grower and the end consumer. Not only are younger families searching out organic products, but they are willing to pay more for them.

How We Sell Organic

Our organic herbs are grown in our certified organic house. We’ve been certified organic in that house since February 12, 2021. We’ve worked hard to get this greenhouse cleaned, and we follow strict guidelines on how the house is treated in order to keep it and the plants inside certified organic.

We will begin shipping organic herb plugs in December of 2021. As with the rest of our products, orders are based on availability, which is listed live on our website. The number you see on availability is the number of plants (not trays) available to ship.

Our organic herbs are grown in trays of 105 and can be ordered in quantities of 35, 50, 70, and 100 (105). Pricing is listed on our website, along with growing information and other helpful tips. We recommend pre-booking orders based on your organic needs. Most of our orders for the season are pre-booked, so if you wait too long to order, you may miss your chance.

In order for organic plugs to remain organic, they must ship separately from non-organic products. Due to these packing regulations, organic products and non-organic products will be placed on separate orders, and our order minimum of four full trays applies to both orders.

Can You Sell Organic?

If your greenhouse is also certified organic, you can sell the organic products you buy from us as organic material as long as you continue using certified organic methods with the plants. You will also likely need to add us to your list of organic suppliers before placing an order. Get this process started early so you can still get the items you need.

If your greenhouse is not certified organic, legally, you cannot offer this product as organic. As soon as you unbox these plants in a non-certified greenhouse, they are no longer certified organic. You can market these plants as “grown with organic sources” or “grown pesticide-free.”

Call Us With Questions

We have our full list of organic herbs separated on our website. You can also find links to our organic herb pages on the non-organic herb pages of our website. Our office staff is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. If you haven’t ordered from us before, check out this blog that walks you through the ordering process.