Assorted Plugs, Partial Trays, and Combos: Can I Choose?

April 9, 2020
Category: About Us

A question we receive often is, “Can I pick which colors go into my assorted tray?” For years the answer has been “no”- and technically it still is- but we created a product that allows you to build your own custom assortment. This process can get a bit confusing, so let me break it down for you.

Assorted Plugs 

We offer assorted trays of most of our varieties. These assortments allow you to receive different colors of one plant. Many of our customers use these assorted plug trays to plant mixed pots and baskets. 

Assorted trays will include three different varieties if the family is grown in liners of 100 (105 cell trays), and two different varieties if the family is grown in liners of 50 (50 cell trays). You can view the tray size on the product page.

Assorted trays are “growers choice.” That means we are the ones choosing the varieties based on what other customers are receiving that week. For assorted plugs, there is a $0.10 upcharge per plug. 

Assorted plug trays are mystery trays, in a way. Even we do not know which colors will go into this tray until the day it is pulled for shipment. These varieties are chosen by what’s available on the table, what looks the best, and what will give you the best variety. 

Custom Assortments/Partial Trays

In 2019, we released partial trays to better serve our smaller customers. This option allows you to order in quantities less than a full tray. There is a $0.15 upcharge per plug for ordering less than a full tray. 

For plants that are grown in liners of 100, you may order in quantities of 35, 70, or 100. When the quantity ordered equals 100, you will have filled one full tray. So it takes three quantities of 35 to fill one full tray. 

For plants that are grown in liners of 50, you may order in quantities of 25 or 50. When the quantity ordered equals 50, you will have filled one full tray. So it takes two quantities of 25 to fill one full tray. 

Plugs from 105 cell trays cannot be shipped in the same tray as plugs grown in 50 cell trays because the plugs are different sizes. If you order 35 Red Petunias, 35 Rosemary Herbs, and 25 Angel Wing Begonia Brazillian Lady, you will have two partial trays. The first will be ⅔ full, and the next will be ½ full. 

We strongly encourage filling each tray so that:

  1. You get the lowest freight cost per plant.
  2. The plants can ship more safely (less open space for them to bounce around).

Other Rules for Assorted Plugs

Our order minimum is four full trays, so if you order four quantities of 35, you are below the minimum and will be charged a low order fee. It would take 12 of the 35 count partial trays in order to make four full trays. Take this into consideration when placing your order.

Assorted trays cannot be ordered in quantities less than a full tray. If you want to order the Petunia Assorted tray, you cannot order half a tray or a third of a tray of this item. You must order a full tray. Additionally, there are certain families where partial trays are not available, like Succulents.

You still have to order based on availability. If you would like to order 35 Petunia Red, 35 Petunia White, and 35 Petunia Blue- but the White isn’t available until two weeks after your desired shipweek- you will have to either choose another color or hold your items until they are all available. 

Combination Trays

Combination trays are a completely different ballgame. You will receive five different varieties in this tray, corresponding to the combination selected. We do not have an option for you to choose the varieties that go into this tray or even to select specific varieties that you do not want to receive. These trays are also only shipped as a full tray; there are no partial tray options for combos.

Need Help?

We try to make things as simple as possible, but we are always available if you have questions or need assistance on placing your order. You can reach us via Facebook, email, or by phone.